I decided that I will actually do releases of the MCollective yum agent, though there will likely not be many.

Because I use Github as my only remote I sometimes push broken code so I can pull it to another machine later to keep working. This could result in an end user pulling the broken code and well, being generally annoyed.

With the latest additions to add `list` as a subcommand, I figured I'd tag a release and then people can nab that instead.

The .4 I picked out of the air. I feel like I am about 2/5ths done, so .4 seemed appropriate on the way to a 1.0 release.

I am also planning to produce a RPM that I will publish in a Yum Repository. Seems like blasphemy that a yum agent doesn't have it's own repo/rpm.

Releases URL:https://github.com/slaney/mcollective-yum-agent/releases

Change Log for 0.4
* Added `list` subcommand
** See docs for usage