Almost 3 years ago I created 2 MCollective Agents for use at my last employer. One was a `yum` specific agent that allowed us to automate the patching of their brand new 500+ Redhat Enterprise Linux footprint. The second agent, shellout, allows you to execute arbitrary shell commands on hosts concurrently. Both agents enjoy the rich filtering capability you get for free with MCollective.

The Yum agent was by far the more popular agent. I think the Shellout agent scares people and it should, but nonetheless it has suffered poor adoption.

My concern recently has been that if you wanted to manage the Yum agent in your environment you either had to "cut" your own release and make an rpm of it, or just copy and paste it into your config management class to have it distributed. Chances are you want to use git in those workflows to get the agent from me. And now you have the shellout agent tagging along for the ride.

Future state: I have renamed the main repository to just be the yum repo and split the other agent into a separate repository so they can be managed independently. As of today you can get them at the following github links (though old urls will continue to work):


I am planning a post on my justification of the maligned Shellout agent in the very near future, so please come back.